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Siren-colored lipstick: 40 days of self-love (day nine)

BlushToday we arrived in Portland, and went immediately to the Blush Beauty Bar (one of Jennifer's favorite places) to have our eyebrows and a "flirtini" (makeup touchup) done.

(Warning: this shop is neither organic nor non-GMO. It is, however, full of more natural choices that are free of animal testing.)

So I sat in the chair trying to come up with an idea for the woman "touching up" my practically nonexistent makeup. I explained to her my routine: I put on mineral makeup foundation, mascara:and sometimes, lip gloss. On the rare occasion I'll wear eyeshadow, or some other thing such as bronzer if someone talks me into letting me be their guinea pig. This situation isn't looking promising.

It's then I remembered looking at the rows of lipsticks and wondering if I could possibly take Rosie's advice and pick one. At about the same time, I remembered that I've always wanted to pull off red lipstick. You see, even though I don't wear a lot of makeup or spend time on my hair, I absolutely adore the 50s style-especially the pinup girls. Lipstick-Queen-Red-Sinner

I asked the woman if I could pull off red lipstick. She told me I could definitely pull it off-and bonus, it'll make my eyes stand out behind my glasses. Finishing the rest of my makeup, she found the right shade of red: Lipstick Queen's Scarlet Red Sinner.

Not 10 seconds after she's finished applying it, Jennifer's makeup artist turned around and said, "wow. That lipstick looks great on you. You look gorgeous." Everyone around us started agreeing, and I felt a little self-conscious from the attention. I looked in the mirror, and my response? "I look:weird." (Yeesh, I really have to work on this self-love thing.) However, admitting that I did love the lipstick and determined to rock this out, I bought it with the rest of my items. I received a few more compliments on my way out, all on the lipstick.

I wondered if it was just the beauty bar's makeup excitement, so I took a selfie and posted it on Instagram.


It didn't take me long to get a handful of likes-and comments-all telling me they loved the lipstick as well. More came in from Facebook and Twitter. Apparently, the lipstick wasn't just nice-I was hot. HOTT, even. I decided now was the time to put my money where my mouth was (quite literally) and act like I own this lipstick.

Update (8/20/13): Not only am I owning the new red lipstick, I changed my social media profiles to a new, sassier picture. The consensus? "That lipstick was a great buy." (As told by a few friends.) I was also approached while still in Oregon at Lush, and the opening line? "You look like a lady who appreciates a good lipstick."

I owe this new look to Rosie. Thank you for giving me the push I needed to make it happen!