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Almond Cheesy Dip

Non Dairy, Gluten Free Dip

Great with everything: Steamed Vegetables, Crunch Vegetable sticks, Some form of meat, read

I made this for wings night in the house for steamed broccoli and crunch Salad and Chicken Wings

1 Cup of Raw Almonds
1 1/2 Tbsp Raw apple vinegar cider
1 Tbsp Fresh Squeezed Lemon
Pinch salt
1 tsp cracked pepper
1/2 cup of drinking water

Optional: Nutritional yeast to thicken the sauce: I accidentally add 1 cup of water rather than 1/2 cup of water, so I had to thicken the sauce a bit.


Prep time: 5 minutes to peel Almond skin( soaked for 3 hours at least and rinse it and 5 minutes in the Hot water and easy to peel)

Cooking time: 10 minutes

1. peel the soaked almond
2. add it into blender
3. add all the ingredients together
4. blend it all
5. chill it for 30 min before serving

Enjoy this Healthy yummy dip! and there was a bit of left over, so I dip kale leaves and made a kale chip in food dehydrator! yum!!

Chicken Wings vs Chicken Wings?

Prep time : 5 minutes to whip the sauce

Marinating time: between 30 min~5 hours ( Go for a walk with your friends or shopping?)

Cooking time: Oven160 preheated for 30 minutes

Who said Chicken wings are healthy? I didn't say that!

They are not, but if you are lover of chicken wings, you can't abandon this juicy yummy chicken wing night ! If I tell you "eat salad everyday is great" but can you keep it for a life time? No. I wouldn't. and Yes I am Health counselor, I will eat whenever I feel like to eat!

But How can I eat it Less bad for my health.

I found 2 ways

1. oven bak chicken wings
2. make your own dipping sauce with raw almonds

And You can see "home boys " are happy and they would not go out for greasy fried chicken wings from any pub (at least, they would do it less!)

Ingredients for marinating:
4 Tbsp -Less sodium Soy sauce (or 2 Tsp of Bragg Soy alternative +2 Tbsp of Soy Sauce)
1~2 Tbsp Honey or Stevia(1/2 Tbsp) depends on how you like it.
1 Tbsp Minced Garlic
Pinch of Canne Pepper

Marinate in this sauce - I used about 30 wings and wow, it was awesome and It was not too greasy at all and While it was cooking in the oven, I was making Almond cheese dip.