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6 Ways to Soothe your Child Teething Pain

When your child is teething, you cannot help but feel excited as your child achieved another milestone in their lives. Most of the time, babies experience teething at 6 months. You will just notice that pearly white teeth at poking through their gums and you will also see noticeable changes in their behavior. Puffy, red gums are evident before the tooth erupts and you will notice your child drool excessively than they used to. At some point, you will observe your child being irritable mostly at night. This is because their teeth are moving through their gums and bones causing them to throw tantrums over at night.

A teething child means working double when tending to your child. Their signs and symptoms vary and most of the time, they are irritable. So as parents, you need to be more patient. There are proven remedies that will help relieve your children the uncomfortable feeling that they are going through in times like this.

a. Using a cold spoon. Using a cold or chilled spoon will give your child that needed relief. The coldness will sooth them especially before their teeth erupt.

b. Breastfeeding. Though you may hardly produce breast milk at 6 months or more. Although sucking may intensify the pain while teething, there are other children who find comfort in breastfeeding.

c. Give chilled foods. You can try giving your child chilled foods though they haven't tried solid food yet. You can start giving them yogurts or applesauce.

d. Soothe them with gum massage. Doing a gum massage will help ease the pain of a teething child. Just make sure your hands are clean before putting it in your baby's mouth.

e. Pain relievers. You can buy over-the-counter pain relievers to help them with the teething pain. But you need to consult your pediatrician first on which medication to buy.

f. A safe rubber teether. Your child loves to gnaw on anything they can see when teething. You can buy rubber teether or safe teething materials, which are completely harmless if your child loves to child on it. Research the materials used because there are materials that are toxic for children.